ATELIER MAGIC THEATER has started in the style of jewelry shop with its studio for making the goods, at Jingumae, Tokyo, on 11th Nov. in 1995.
That day is the World Peace Day. The beginning of it was only for jewelry, selling original design and custom-made one, and then, luckily to meet some special artists who create their own pieces on each fields, and to share our expressions at Magic Theater. So, now, we are very happy to introduce you to their works, beyond the bounds of jewelry.

We think that Magic Theater is a little bit different style from other shop of goods, especially here in Harajyuku, for making and selling at the same place. This style is so rare, here in Tokyo. So, the customer who came into Magic Theater for the first time, almost always, seemed to be surprised at the sight, the burner emitting fire, or the noise of hammering at the metal, and so on.
But we are very very happy to find that customers enjoy our works, and please them.
We sometime make a fine adjustment of our stuff in a few minutes, if the occasion arises, to be fit for the customer to wear it, also repair them after wearing some months or years, as best as we could.

As one of Magic Theater's trademarks, we use "a hammer with angel's wings" . The wings came from Magic's "M" and the hammer from Theater's "T". We pictured this, to put our whole hearts into doing our works, and we believe that the gentle and positive minds of workers would arise from the each piece of work. So, we make much of, not only the design but also finishing each piece up.
We would like to make such a piece up, as could be felt warm, when we hand it to customers.

We wish that we could create our works, soulful and warmhearted things, with everybody coming to Magic Theater. Always looking forward you to visiting Magic Theater!
Thank you!!!
Atelier Magic Theater